Farm Hand

at Quilista Farm
Published June 7, 2024
Location South West, Australia
Category Other  
Job Type Part-time  
$24.08 – $28.13 per hour


Farm Hand Quilista Farm location Bunbury and South West. $24.08 – $28.13 per hour.

Quilista Farm is a thriving livestock farm dedicated to sustainable agriculture and animal welfare. Situated on the picturesque countryside of Harvey, our farm is home to a diverse range of livestock. The Farm Hand performs a variety of tasks to support the daily operations of the farm such as crop cultivation, livestock care, general maintenance, operating various machines and equipment and various other farm duties.

Working with Cattle & Dogs. Live-in position a must, suitable for individual or couple.  Must enjoy working with cattle and dogs. Must be comfortable working outdoors in varying weather conditions. Physically capability to perform heavy work. Ability to work independently. Basic Computer Skills. Police clearance required. Driver Licence required.

General duties feeding dogs, cleaning kennels, general dog husbandry (includes trimming nails)

Feeding, watering, and tending to the health and well-being of livestock Cleaning, penning, and receiving cattle. Examining animals for illnesses, injuries, or other ailments Inspecting and maintaining property equipment and vehicles. Preparing livestock animals for slaughter or sale Carrying out repairs to fencing. Protocoling/Induction of animals. Loading and unloading of Cattle off Trucks. Maintaining records of Cattle movements.

Mucking out stalls, cleaning water troughs, and administering medications or treatments as directed by farm management. Building, repairing, and maintaining fences, gates, and other farm infrastructure to contain livestock, protect crops, and ensure the security of the farm property.

Operating and maintaining farm machinery and equipment, including tractors, trucks, loaders, and irrigation systems. Performing general maintenance and repairs around the farm, including painting buildings, fixing fences, cleaning equipment, and maintaining tools and machinery. Accommodation and utilities included in package.

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